Sunday, February 28, 2010

One year later...March 2010

Hello Everyone,

It was August 21, 2009 when Cyndi finally had her last surgery for re-construction of her breast. For those of you who are following her post or mine here, you are aware she is cancer free now and God willing she will continue to be.

In looking back on our life since Cyndi was diagnosed with cancer I have to say we both have a better outlook on life. We often ask the question, "how does anyone go through such a traumatic experience without God's help?" We continue to ask the same question and find that it is impossible to do in our case. We truly hope if your a person reading this, and have never considered allowing God to help you through this time of hardship, please do so now. It will make all the difference for you and your loved one. I would be happy to share with you how this works, and what to expect once you decide to do so. It is always our pleasure to share with you Cyndi's experience with fighting this cancer, living without being afraid of this disease returning, and what to do if it does.

We are so thankful for this site and many others like it that are here for you, the person that needs to know what to expect if the word "cancer" ever comes into your life unexpectedly.

For now, we are happy to say, life is moving on in the right direction. God is a loving and wonderful person who cares, and has blessed us so much.

Thank you all for your continued prayers,

Bob & Cyndi Sloop

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