Saturday, March 14, 2009

This husband's "perspective" looks good!

As I am writing this to many men who someday might read this post, I want you to know things will get better. After all the surgery's and the words, "margin's are all clear" you will feel a 100% relief taken off your shoulders. Yes, you will have happy tears well up and you will not be able to control your self, along with your wonderful wife. Remember this is a "team" thing going on here. LOL.

Well Cyndi is doing so much better now, and she is on her way to expanding her breast and she is feeling more normal. She had thought of not going thru this process of breast reconstruction, but she did opt for it and I feel she is happy she did so. This is not an easy process, but it is not to the point of being so bad that a person should just opt out. This comes from Cyndi as well.

Well the bills are coming in, full steam. So far, we are ok, and will pay them one at a time as we go along this journey. Try and plan ahead as to when to pay these bills, and you will make it. By the way, I was a financial advisor/banker for almost thirty years, and this is trying even for me. It will be ok, hang tight.

I will keep you posted as to how Cyndi's situation is, and how this husband is taking it all in. All I can end with is this; support each other through this time, keep communications totally open, listen to her and learn not to say anything until she is done with her statement which may be somewhat long at times, and be glad of those long conversations because she is here, she is able to be in your life, and together your going to be better than ever.

Does the word cancer still scare me, you better believe it. It will never not, but we have great doctors and the progress being made is ever so hopeful.

For us, we rely on God to give us strength, as we continue to pray for continued success. Take care all.

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