Friday, February 6, 2009

Relief does come, yet I still fear results

Today is two days after my wife had her mastectomy. She is doing well. We are again at a waiting point now for the results of clear margins. We will know within the next four days or before. This is where my fear comes in, yet there is a way around this fear. The upside of this fear is this. First, why am I fearful is what you might be asking. I fear she still has cancer which means she will have to go through radiation treatment. Now for the upside. If she does have to have radiation she will most likely beat this cancer. If she is told she is ok and she has clear margins there will be no radiation. I am not saying I will feel confident they have all the cancer out of her body at this point either. So having the treatment is not as bad of a process. It is up to the individual going through all of this. As a husband we will always fear for our spouses as we love them, we want to make them feel good, and to know they are loved. We want to have the power to take the cancer away. We want to just snap our fingers and make it happen.
Unfortunately we do not have that ability, so all we can do is be sure to stand with our spouse and be there for them as much as possible.

Enough for now, will write again.

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  1. You have the right attitude. No matter what the doctor says, there is already a plan. I really think she will get clear margins--heck, if I did with my stupid big 6.1 cm tumor, anyone can! : ) But if not, just think of the radiation zapping those pesky cancer cells all to hell where they belong.