Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our Heidi knows something is up, really!

I know most of you think dogs are just dogs and they don't feel what we feel, right? I don't believe that for one minute. When Cyndi and I are not feeling well our Heidi Girl knows it and she is there to comfort us. Don't get me wrong as I have seen dogs do the opposite, but not in our case.

Our dog had to go to the Vets today, (big bill) as usual, but she still senses something not right.

Today was the worst of the worst days for news as Cyndi did not come back with clear margins from her surgeon. We were afraid of this, but still kept a positive attitude, prayed and hoped for the best.

I am trying to keep my mind open, and thoughts as positive as I can and refuse to think otherwise even now. I am so upset that not very much research has been done with this Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma type of cancer. I hope research will continue as this new form of cancer seems to be a silent one. It can lay dormant it seems for years, and it takes years for it to be noticed.

If anyone reads this I would like to pass onto you something Cyndi has told me. She said she has had pain in her breast or over twenty years. If this is your case do not delay, get to the doctors office and insist in a total exam.

Well I really wanted to rant and rave here tonight, but figured this would be much more productive to help someone here, or even in future months or years.

Enough for now...

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