Monday, January 12, 2009

Do you ever get it in the "Gut"

Today as I looked forward to having lunch with my wife, my gut really was turning upside down. I knew today was the day Cyndi would find out if this Thursday was a go or not for her breast surgery. I knew deep down the answer was more than likely a yes, it will be. I was right, my feelings didn't let me down as usual. Cyndi quietly told me once I was in the car as we drove off, "well it is this Thursday."

My stomach really went for a turn over then, and I felt myself starting to become overwhelmed again. I quickly said to myself, that's enough, get with the program and have a nice lunch. And that is just what we did.

My suggestion for any person going through this ordeal with a loved one is to try and stay in the ball game, and try your best to support the decision your wife makes. Being as positive as you can be will help get her through it. Just being a sounding board is really healthy for us both. This has been a learning experience I will never forget. All in all I will say this though. It has brought us together even in a stronger way than I can ever imagin.

Enough rambling, I will check back later and let you know how things are going.

Take care, God bless.


  1. Unfortunately I get that nervous feeling in my gut more often than I'd like these days. Especially each time my cell phone rings and the number that comes up is not one of my family or friends phone numbers. I'm wondering in my head, "What bad news am I going to get now?"

    I like your snazey signature. SHMILY!

  2. Hey you two lovebirds--

    WAHOO! You will be cancer free on Thursday!

    I know exactly what you mean about the phone ringing. We had a crazy ring tone on our phone when I got my cancer call and for weeks I would literally get sick to my stomach when I would hear it. I thought about changing it but never did.

    Look at Thursday as a day of healing--the cancer will be out of you.