Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And just what brings me here?

The question is a simple one, and easy to answer. My wonderful wife, Cynthia, also known as "Cyndi." You see we use to both be in Real Estate, she sold homes, I financed homes, oops, wrong....she will catch me on this one so lets back pedal a bit. She also financed homes too. That's right, she did it. By now you should know this blog is not going to be a lot about me, but mostly about Cyndi.

How do I start is the question? I have written several blog posts, this should be easy. No, it's not. You see Cyndi has been diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carsinoma, a very rare cancer. The word itself is hard for me to type, I have come to hate it's very spelling, and what it stands for. I am in some ways also releaved that it is a slow growing type of cancer.

Within this last week I have come to understand a few things. I am indeed an impatient person. I want things done now, not tomorrow but now. I also want answers as to why did this happen, and how can I fix it? Impossible, I cannot fix this, you and I both know this. I can do one thing that I know will make a difference. I can ask our God to help by placing the right surgeon in the operating room for Cyndi. The other comes easy, by trying to be here for her all through this ordeal. That is why I am writing this I guess. It is important that she knows I love her beyond what words will say, and I know that with her courage and faith, she will beat this and be able to help who ever she may come in contact with. SHMILY, is a very special saying we have, see how much?


  1. I know you're not one for fancy writing. You have such a wonderful ability to just say it. SHMILY to you too!

  2. Wow. My husband is great too but dang, I am not sure he even knows how to turn the computer on. I think a husband's perspective on the cancer ordeal could be very very cool....

    Ok, Bob, you win the second annual HOTY award. My husband won it last year. I am the only judge by the way. HOTY stands for Husband of the Year!


  3. Molly, you are way too kind, I do not deserve such an honor, but I will do my best to live up to whatever I am suppose to do to be a good HOTY award participant. LOL (Since you are the one who awarded it I will graciously accept.) LOL

    I think what your doing for these wonderful women is such a great thing. I wish you the best of health, beating this cancer, and we will be keeping you and the group here in our prayers for sure.

    Semper Fi, Bob

  4. Hello, I came across your blog through someone else's. I was diagnosed with ACC as well.